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CEE Small-Scale LNG Summit

CEE Small-Scale LNG Summit

07 May 2019 - 08 May 2019


Although in recent years the SSLNG industry has demonstrated great potential, experts agree that it’s just gaining momentum and major gas industry companies are now developing and investing in new projects more and more. SSLNG projects are important for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) because they offer opportunities for solving issues related to gas supply diversification.

Poland and Lithuania are great examples of successfully implementing alternative solutions by operating LNG import terminals. Other countries, such as Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine, seem to be following their example to invest in LNG and diversify their natural gas supply. Therefore, in the CEE region LNG offers not only a clean fuel and power solution but also an opportunity to gain independence and leverage.

These are exciting times for the SSLNG industry in the CEE region and it is necessary to keep up to date with the latest production and supply trends, developments in the transportation sector, technological solutions and many other hot topics.

The goal of the CEE Small-Scale LNG Forum is to gather all relevant experts and stakeholders in one place and give them an opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions on a great variety of issues that would help determine what direction the industry is taking and what challenges and opportunities are waiting ahead.

CEE Small-Scale LNG Forum is a remarkable opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and your company achievements. Unlike other LNG events, our forum offers extraordinary networking opportunities, and significant visibility for speakers.