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5th International LNG Congress

5th International LNG Congress

29 April 2019 - 30 April 2019


5th International LNG Congress – visit Delimara LNG Terminal and speak to the Minister of Energy.

Save the dates - 29 30 April 2019 – for attending the 5th International LNG Congress in Malta, St. Julian’s. Delegates of the previous years visited Enagas LNG Terminal in Barcelona; this year the Congress is co-hosted with ElectroGas Malta, that allows technical visitation to Delimara LNG Terminal.

Joe Mizzi, the Minister of Energy and Water Management of Malta, opens the plenary session, that will be followed by ten sessions, dedicated to:

  • LNG projects in different regions.
  • Small and large scale LNG.
  • LNG pricing and trading.
  • Shipbuilding and marine transportation.
  • LNG terminal operations and others.

Delegates of the Congress will be representing Gas Majors, EPCs, Ports, Port Authorities, Canals and Fleet Owners. Considering reviews from previous congresses, the organizers stick to ‘no-marketing presentations’ rule.

Delegates should register in advance because of the closed-door format. More information could be found at the website and at Facebook page