LNG Industry

LNG Industry

This month, LNG Industry takes look at the latest in pump technology, ballast water treatment systems, ship-to-ship transfer and mercury removal. Our regional report, from T.A. Cook Consultants, examines how the Zohr gas field discovery will transform Egypt from a net importer to a net exporter of LNG.

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In this issue

High noon in the Mediterranean
Dirk Frame, T. A. Cook Consultants, Germany, examines how the Zohr gas field discovery will transform Egypt from a net importer to a net exporter of LNG.

Automatic response
Tyler Brower, Ebara International Corp., USA, looks at current advancements in cryogenic liquid expanders.

Mix it up
Yousef Jarrah, Craig Fennessy, and Tim Smith, Nikkiso Cryo Inc., USA, explain the need for cryogenic mixed-flow pumps in LNG applications.

Fuelling today and tomorrow
Giancarlo Geninatti, Vanzetti Engineering, Italy, outlines the important role that cryogenic equipment manufacturers will play in supporting LNG as the fuel of the future.

Pump power
Nicolas Fariney and Stéphane Boeglin, Fives, Switzerland, look at how pumps have adapted to the specific requirements of LNG as a fuel.

High power in a small package
Jeremy Barnes, GE’s Marine Solutions, USA, presents a gas turbine system for LNG carriers.

Uniform management
Katonio Butler and Matt Filosa, Veson Nautical, USA, present a standardised management system that can increase efficiency and cut costs throughout the LNG shipping chain.

Something in the water
Benjamin Pettersson and Aage Bjorn Andersen, OceanSaver, Norway, explain why LNG ship owners should be looking at evaluating and installing ballast water treatment systems sooner rather than later.

The new normal
Mathew Russell, Teekay, UK, looks at the developmental drivers of ship-to-ship LNG transfer systems.

Flexible mercury treatment solutions
Wim Reel, Honeywell UOP, Belgium, discusses mercury removal options in natural gas processing facilities.

Eliminating elemental mercury
Heather Whittenbury, Johnson Matthey, UK, discusses the removal of mercury in LNG facilities.

Model design
Mahmood Tavallaee, Technodyne International Ltd (a member of the TGE Group), UK, explains how finite element analysis can help in the design of safe and code compliant cryogenic storage tanks.

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